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One of the most modern and refined dental centers in Kerala, keeping up to the latest advancements in science, manned by highly qualified and experienced professionals of their own speciality. Each department can boast of the best hands available in their own speciality.

 A family  of  
 who are
 academicians run  this dental center
 The  team  gets constantly updated
with the changing

It is acclaimed as a model clinic by people who visited it, both nationals and foreigners.

Situated at the heart of Kochi and known for the excellent ambiance and décor.


trends  and  techniques in dentistry  and  related 
sciences. Inter- disciplinary approach in treatment planning   is done effectively.


This dental center uses the latest technology and materials in dentistry. Sterility and infection control is given utmost importance. Special care is given to render pain-less dental treatment.The center provides comprehensive full mouth rehabilitation with on-going follow up care. The clinic caters to the dental treatment of those with special needs

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